Buyer's Resources

I specialize in negotiating great deals for all of my clients.   I listen to your needs and then advise strategies for the best outcomes given the macroeconomic environment, local neighborhood supply constraints, and current levels of buyer demand. 

Having an expert such as myself is imperative to advise you on whether a property may be bought for a significant discount to asking price, or if the neighborhood economics and listing price dictate an over asking price offer in order to secure the property of your dreams.    I ask questions such as, "...are you o.k. losing this property, or is this one you will be devastated if you cannot buy it..." to " this the type of home that you are only excited about if you can buy for it $..........., but if not you are fine with not getting it...." to determine an advised course of action and offer price. 

These nuances are not universal in our industry, but I try to be the best.   Prudential Locations has a research staff that is second to none on Oahu, and therefore I can supply you with a plethora of charts and graphs, from average price and price per square foot trends to days on market direction, in order to devise our plan strategy and offer implementation.       


Contact me for insights into our current market at: